Takes place in current day Hong Kong. Josh, an expat living in Hong Kong, overhears a phone call between Ruby and her friends as he is standing outside a bar. Ruby is an American-raised Chinese woman from California, visiting Hong Kong for the first time. Ruby is trying to locate her friends, and Josh attempts to give her directions. He offers to walk her to the location, and after initially saying no, she agrees. The rest of the evening takes on a first date type of feel to it as Josh guides her along.

We’ve all had those dates where everything seems to flow and that have a magical feel. As Josh escorts Ruby to her destination, their adventure has all the makings of one of those magical nights. Chemistry forms between them pretty quickly. The evening ends on a low note, however, and they go their separate ways.

Happenstance has them crossing paths a year later on the Star Ferry. Sparks fly again as they make amends, and meeting number two turns into another magical night. Both see it and recognize what is happening.


This is a fun movie. The filmmakers shot their Hong Kong scenes at some of the most picturesque locations. I’ve personally been there several times, and the film captures the feel of the city very well.

50 Dates at 50 Take:

This movie captures all the magic when you hit it off with someone. Guys and gals need to know that if you stay the course, you’ll eventually find yourself in the middle of a magical night. These are memories to treasure. You have to put yourself out there and stay the course. This movie is about the right two people finding each other at the wrong time, then getting a second chance. It’s about missed opportunities. If you’ve never been to Hong Kong, this movie will show you many of the sights, like the Star Ferry, Victoria Harbour, the Central-Mid-Levels escalator, the Temple Street Night Market and some parts of Victoria Peak, all of them capturing the look of Hong Kong at night.

Why You Need to Watch it:

Guys, Josh conducts himself in a chivalrous manner towards Ruby at all times. He also does an excellent job of leading the interaction. This is what a couple having fun and getting to know each other looks like. I believe most of us, inserting ourselves in the shoes of Josh and Ruby, would probably have taken one route in our earlier years and a different one looking back on it with more experience. This is particularly true for those of us who settled in a relationship at some point in the past. This movie is also an excellent example of how time can mend things.

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Year Released: 2015

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