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Curated Dating and Relationship Book Reviews

Being a good dater and properly maintaining relationships does not come naturally to most. If you’re here at 50 Dates, you’ve likely been divorced and now have a second chance to find the right person for a relationship.

The books here have been read and chosen by the curator as appropriate learning tools. They have excellent information on dating, relationships, and personal growth. Simply combine your life experience with the knowledge in these books and on this website, and things will become apparent to you. You’ll be able to pinpoint where you erred in previous dating experiences and relationships.

Personally speaking, I can look from the present to as far back to junior high school and identify where I stumbled in dating and why. As it did for me, the path to your dating evolution begins here with these publications. – editor.

Book Reviews
Paul Nelson

Mating in Captivity – Book Review

Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence By Esther Perel Synopsis:   In dating and relationships, we regularly deal with social and emotional intelligence. After reading

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