Detailed Description
  • This resource is more specific to men but could also be useful to many women.
  • Many of the higher-end clothing retailers have personal stylists.
  • The stylist’s job is to help you pick out clothing that fits you properly, is currently in style, and coordinates matching outfits.
  • This service necessary for both profile photographs and attire worn on dates.
  • The service is generally free; however, you’ll have to pay retail prices.
  • Once you do this the first time, the retailer will usually communicate with you what future sales will take place, and you can schedule wardrobe updates accordingly.
  • Note to Single Men: Almost all of you need help badly in this department. Make an appointment with a female stylist and go with their age applicable recommendations.
  • Go to the “Services” part of their website and click on “Stylists” to find a local store where you can make an appointment.