Something Borrowed – Movie Review

Something Borrowed Synopsis: Our story begins at a surprise 30th birthday party for Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin), which was planned by Rachel’s best friend Darcy (Kate Hudson). With the party winding down and Darcy having had a few too many rounds, her fiancé Dex (Colin Egglesfield) takes her home. He returns shortly afterward to retrieve Darcy’s [...]

The Lunchbox – Movie Review

The Lunchbox Synopsis: Our story takes place in modern-day Mumbai, India. It’s just another day on the job for Saajan. After 35 years in the insurance claims industry, he is one month away from early retirement. His wife passed many years ago, and he has become a lonely and grumpy man. Entirely by surprise, his […]

Before We Go – Movie Review

Before We Go Synopsis: It's shortly before closing time around the Christmas holiday at New York City's Grand Central Station. Nick (Chris Evans) plays his trumpet, mulling over the conflicting decisions that brought him to New York. Brooke (Alice Eve) crosses his path, dropping her cell phone in her dash to catch the last train [...]

Moneyball – Movie Review (This Movie Has Many Online Dating Parallels)

Moneyball Before I even start, you’re probably asking, “How does a sports drama fit in here at 50 Dates at 50?” There are many parallels to dating in this film. Guys will like it for its sports content. For the gals, we have Brad Pitt. Synopsis: This movie is based upon the book Moneyball by [...]

Swingers – Movie Review

Swingers Synopsis: The film follows the lives of a group of single guys who are aspiring entertainers seeking their break in Hollywood in the mid-90s. Mike, played by Jon Favreau, has not gotten over a breakup with his girlfriend from New York six months earlier. His friends Rob, played by Ron Livingston, and Trent, played [...]

Leap Year – Movie Review

Leap Year Synopsis: The movie begins in modern-day Boston, where we find Anna (Amy Adams) bewildered that her boyfriend Jeremy (Adam Scott) has not proposed to her. Anna has a thriving real estate staging business, and Jeremy is a successful cardiologist. During a meeting with her father, Anna is reminded of a family story based [...]

Gloria Bell – Movie Review

Synopsis: Gloria Bell, the main character played by Juliann Moore, is a middle-aged single woman. Gloria has been single since her divorce twelve years ago. She is typical in many aspects as a single woman in her age group. She has an unfulfilling job in the insurance industry, has a couple of adult children, lives [...]

Definitely, Maybe – Movie Review

Definitely, Maybe Synopsis The movie begins with Will Hayes, played by Ryan Reynolds, receiving his divorce papers after work, prior to picking up his daughter. Upon arriving at his daughter’s grade school, he finds the students abuzz due to the day’s introduction of sex education. His daughter suddenly has many questions, starting with how he […]

About Time – Movie Review

Synopsis: The movie opens on New Year’s Eve with 21-year-old Tim Lake, played by Domhnall Gleeson, shaking hands with a girl instead of going for the kiss when the New Year’s countdown completes. The next day, his father, played by Bill Nighy, informs him that the men in the family have a special gift—the ability [...]

Big Stone Gap – Movie Review

Synopsis: This movie takes place in the town of Big Stone Gap, Virginia, in 1978. Ave, played by Ashley Judd, owns and operates a pharmacy left to her by her deceased father. She recently turned 40 and is still single. Jack, played by Patrick Wilson, is a worker at the local coal mine, which is [...]