Cyrano de Bergerac (The) – A term used to describe a form of “bait and switch” that takes place in online dating, from page 72 of Rachel Greewald’s book Why He Didn’t Call You Back. This is where there is a complete disconnect between a person’s spirited online persona versus the introverted and timid person who shows up for your date. The name comes from the so-titled play written in 1897 by Edomond Rostand. The play depicts Cyrano de Bergerac, a nobleman in the French Army who is gifted at poetry. Cyrano also has an extremely large nose and is deeply embarrassed by it. He is in love with Roxane, but ashamed to approach her because of his nose. Fellow cadet Christian falls for Roxane. He asks Cyrano for his help writing love letters to her. Cyrano agrees and pours his true feelings into the letters for Roxane in Christian’s name. Roxane falls for Christian as a result of Cyrano’s words. At one point, Christian no longer wants Cyrano’s assistance. He nearly blows it with Roxane when he fails to live up to the high poetic expression standard Cyrano set for him. The Steve Martin/Daryl Hannah movie Roxanne is based on this play.


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