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Many of us have unwittingly adopted a millennial mindset when approaching dating and relationships. After all, most dating advice out there these days is from millennials—and it’s some of the worst I’ve heard.

This is mainly due to a lack of life experience. For example, ask a millennial dating coach how to date a coworker, and they’ll do their best to tell you. At 50 Dates, we already know that dating a coworker tends to end in a disaster. Millennials just haven’t figured it out yet.

In this two-way column, we’ll answer your dating questions using the commonsense set of values seen in the 50 Dater’s Creed. When we post your question, your identity will be kept confidential. We do need an email address to contact you in case we have questions about your submission. Submissions also will be checked for grammatical errors before we post them

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