The Donut Life Museum


The Donut Life Museum is a fun and positive mood-setting visit. As you work your way through the Museum, you’re presented with donut facts, history, and philosophy. The rooms are arranged in a variety of donut themes. It’s all in good fun! Photo ops are abundant, and the staff will assist in taking the pictures. It works out to about a 30-minute visit.

Type of Date:

Visiting the Museum makes for a good “date add-on.” If you’re out shopping as a couple, it’s a great stop for after lunch. Newly dating singles will find this to be a great visit that sets a fun vibe.

Why You Need to Visit:

We all need some goof-off time, and the Donut Life Museum lends itself well to that. It provides a multitude of great opportunity pictures and laughs. Remember dating in high school, when it was strictly for fun? You’ll find that here. The only thing missing is a tribute to Homer Simpson and his love for donuts!

Visit Notes:

The Museum is located at the Westminster Mall, internally on the 2nd floor inside, in front of the JCPenney. Currently, there is no access directly through JCPenney. You’ll have to walk around JCPenney and use one of the general entrances.

Be aware that with COVID-19 restrictions in place, there is no place to sit outside the venue. Visits are currently by appointment only. I recommend you arrive around 15 to 20 minutes early. This should allow you enough time to park and walk through the mall to get there.

You won’t find the Museum listed on the internal mall maps. In some rooms, the floor is part of the display; you’re required to wear coverings. The Museum provides foot coverings that easily slip over your shoes. Check out the Museum website for additional details on this.

Visit Date:  04-10-2021

The Donut Life Museum

Type of Date:  Fun Mood-Setting 

Length of Visit:  30 Minutes

Where to Attend: 2036A Westminster Mall, Westminster, CA 92683

Full Museum Details and Information

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