Comic Reading – The Amazing Spider-Man

Issues 50-52


Let me start by saying you don’t need to be a comic book fan to enjoy this performance. It’s unique and never lets up. A cast of five performs the reading on stage in a half-circle surrounding two foley (sound effects) artists who work out of a lowered pit in the center. Above the cast is a projection screen that displays the particular comic frame they are reading. Movement from frame to frame is smooth, modern, and lively. The way they project some of the action scenes reminded me of watching the original Batman TV series when I was a kid. As each new frame is projected, the foley artists do a great job of making you feel like you’re part of it. Not only do you get to hear the sound effects, but you also get to see how they are doing it. My favorite was the use of an electric razor to mimic the sound of Peter’s motorcycle. There is no shortage of humorous moments!

The setting for the reading is Manhattan, New York, in the year 1967. It begins with Issue #50, “Spider-Man No More!” Peter Parker decides to give up on being Spider-Man for various reasons, but eventually comes back to quell the crime wave happening due to his absence. A ten-minute intermission takes place as the first comic concludes. Next is Issue #51, “In the Clutches of …The Kingpin!”, where Spider-Man takes on Kingpin, who has taken over all criminal activity in the city. Issue #52 “To Die a Hero!” quickly follows, where Spider-Man and Jonah Jameson, editor of The Daily Bugle, who does not trust Spider-Man, are trapped and have to work together to escape almost certain death.

50 Dates at 50 Take:

I had no idea what to expect; however, no performance I’ve attended at the Maverick in the past has ever disappointed. The reading is done directly from the comics. The frames come alive when there are multiple characters, such as in a meeting in the newspaper editor’s office or when all the gangsters get together at Kingpin’s. Seating is limited in the theater due to COVID-19 restrictions; social distancing is maintained.

Type of Date:

Performances at the Maverick are worthy of setting a date up around them.  If you’re out as a couple, this is a perfect changeup for date night.  Newly dating singles will find this to be a great visit that sets a fun vibe.  This is excellent first or second-date material.  It’s a short walk from a multitude of restaurants in downtown Fullerton.

Why You Need to Visit:

Here at 50 Dates, we’re all about keeping dating fun. This performance and excellent comedic break will be a new experience for just about everybody. The reading lasts for 90 minutes, which includes a 10-minute intermission.

Visit Notes:

Tickets are advanced purchase only. I recommend you arrive around 15 to 20 minutes early. There is generally plenty of parking out front of the theater.

Comic Reading – The Amazing Spider-Man – Issues 50-52

Type of Date:  Fun Mood-Setting 

Length of Performance:  90 Minutes

Where to Attend: The Maverick Theater 110 E Walnut Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832

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