Leap Year


The movie begins in modern-day Boston, where we find Anna (Amy Adams) bewildered that her boyfriend Jeremy (Adam Scott) has not proposed to her. Anna has a thriving real estate staging business, and Jeremy is a successful cardiologist. During a meeting with her father, Anna is reminded of a family story based on an Irish tradition. The tradition states that during leap year, on leap day, if a woman proposes to a man, the man has to accept. After a disappointing dinner with Jeremy, Anna decides to give the Irish tradition a second look. She follows Jeremy to his convention in Dublin, Ireland, to propose to him on leap day. Her flight is forced to land in Wales, and in the process of seeking alternate transportation to Dublin, she meets Declan (Matthew Good), an innkeeper in a small village. Anna warily hires Declan, who reluctantly agrees to drive her to Dublin. Chemistry develops between them as they maneuver through unexpected interruptions. Now, Amy is faced with a choice.

50 Dates at 50 Take:

This movie is a testament to the fact that success in a professional career, while gaining you social status, does not necessarily equate to success in romance. One of the more significant lessons here is how easy it is for one party in a relationship to get married for convenience and not for love. There are great scenic shots, a fun storyline, and definitely a feel-good message. The journey to Dublin is filled with bonding that’s all about being in the moment.

Why You Need to Watch It:

  • As many women in the dating community notice, men tend to spill their guts as soon as possible, eliminating all mystery about themselves. Guys should notice that Declan plays his cards close to his chest, demonstrating his masculinity instead of talking about it. This maintains just enough mystery about himself to keep Anna curious.
  • The movie illustrates how preparing a meal together can be very romantic. Declan’s demeanor is also notable for his calmness and determination to fulfill his agreement, even when the chips are down.


Year Released:  2010

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