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The Odds Are Better Than You Think

Have you ever seen one person in a couple make drastic changes to accommodate the other, only for the relationship to fail? A lack of Differentiation, the Glossary Term for this episode, is why. Next, Paul shares a retro dating clip consisting of a sound bite collage from the 1951 Coronet Instructional Film Going Steady.

Paul then reviews the book Spouse Hunting: Using the Rules of Real Estate to Find the Love of Your Life. Boomers and Gen Xers who have been through the home buying experience will quickly relate to the emotional parallels between the home buying process and dating. Furthermore, this book lays the groundwork to easily discuss a couple of the most sensitive topics in dating: dealing with money and being open to dating more than one person at a time.

We’re retaking dating questions now that the podcast production is more dialed in. If you’ve got one you’d like Paul to answer on the podcast, please submit it to the email address below. We’ll keep your identity confidential. The team is also looking to add a woman’s point of view to the podcast! If you’re a Gen X or Boomer gal interested in contributing, please get in touch with us at the same email address.

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