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Your Dating Plan

One of the things many daters need to embrace is the Abundance Mindset, the reality that there are plenty of really great guys and gals to go around. If you’re struggling with dating, remember that the number of available men and women is not static. Like real estate, where there is a constant change in the lineup of homes for sale and coming off the market, the number of available dateable people also shifts.

To better explore how people communicate love to each other, Paul herein reviews the book The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. The dating question in this episode focuses on a potential retirement community romance.

Good daters need a plan. Here, Paul explains how Boomers and Gen Xers who are dating without a plan are wasting their time and effort. Paul lays out his own plan and explains why it saves time. He takes a closer look at the second part of the 3-1-1 Rule outlined in Episode 1: getting to the phone call as quickly as possible. Finally, he shares the message that gets him ghosted 50% of the time in online dating and discusses why both guys and gals should be using it.


In Episode 1, we introduce you to the comprehensive set of offerings the podcast and website have to offer.

In Episode 2, we define what we are looking for in a dating partner.

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