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Smartphones and Dating

When it comes to dating and relationships, daters are in a constant battle with Cognitive Distortions. Paul takes a quick look here at how this term applies to dating.

In this episode’s question, Paul explains why less time texting or on the phone equals more quality face-to-face time with your guy or gal. In this episode’s movie review, he examines the dating and relationship messages in Our Souls at Night.

Many a Boomer and Gen X man has embraced the texting mindset from the Millennials and combines that with many long phone calls to their dating partner. Today’s Potpourri segment looks at the good and the bad regarding smartphones and dating, with some interesting statistics from a Kaspersky Lab study. 

Have you ever lived through the embarrassment of getting messages on your dating app while you’re out on a date? A few quick steps are all it takes to eliminate this from happening again.


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