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A Glass of Wine on the First Date?

In this episode, Paul breaks down the dating term “Needy” so you can identify what it looks like and steer clear of individuals who display it.

When it comes to getting back on the dating horse for Boomers and Gen Xers, Carol in the movie I’ll See You in My Dreams provides a good look at what it’s like. Bill demonstrates both a good old-fashioned take-the-lead attitude and the downside of coming on too strong. This movie has many dating and relationship messages for the 50 Daters age group.

Is breaking up by text message a good idea? It depends on the situation. Men often think they’re in a relationship when they’ve only been out on a few dates. Paul discusses how that applies to this episode’s dating and relationship question.

Is it better to arrange a coffee date or to go for alcoholic drinks on that first meetup? Much of it has to do with the phase of dating you’re currently in and with your confidence level. Good dating skills take practice. Paul explains how to put yourself in a position to easily work with either drinks or coffee.

Everyone has had those Fridays where things are looking good going into the weekend, but then everything falls apart. Paul walks you through one bad weekend with a canceled date, ghostings, deletions, and incomplete phone calls. Knowing what a bad online dating weekend looks like and what the silver linings are will keep you from feeling so bad when it happens to you.

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