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Is There a Case for Ghosting?

They say that breaking up is hard to do—true, but you can remove a lot of pain on both sides by using The Two-Sentence Rule. Paul takes a closer look at today’s glossary term with some examples. Then he discusses what author Vince Guaglione calls the “Tinder Time Wasters” in Guaglione’s book Why Are You Still Single?: An Average Joe’s Take on What’s Really Going On in the Dating Pool and What You Can Do to Stay Afloat.

The dating question for this episode asks what to do if your boyfriend/girlfriend continues to communicate with their ex regularly, while in the central Potpourri Segment, Paul examines the case for Ghosting.

In dating stories, Paul has two experiences from October demonstrating that dating is a learned skill and that it’s easy to provide Too Much Information upfront without allowing yourself the time to provide context. He also notes why showing up to a date dressed for a Costco shopping run is not the best of ideas.


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