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Why He Didn’t Call You Back

In this episode, Paul first looks at the dating term “Spilling Your Guts” and how Hollywood has brainwashed men into thinking this is a wonderfully romantic idea.

Gals (and guys), ever wonder why you didn’t get a second date? Paul next gives the lowdown on the possible reasons as he reviews author Rachel Greenwald’s book Why He Didn’t Call You Back. In this book, Rachel interviews 1000 men to find out what went wrong. She breaks things down to the top 16 reasons and the stereotypes that fit them. As you work through your dating plan, you’ll begin to see the patterns in both yourself and your dates. The good news is you can usually correct them with a series of minor adjustments. In addition, guys will discover the top five reasons they don’t get to a second date.

Many Boomers remember the instructional films shown in school. Paul here begins providing audio highlights from these videos, as they are now part of the public domain. There is nothing like dating advice from 1949 to remind us that no matter how much things change, they still stay the same.


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