Before I even start, you’re probably asking, “How does a sports drama fit in here at 50 Dates at 50?” There are many parallels to dating in this film. Guys will like it for its sports content. For the gals, we have Brad Pitt.


This movie is based upon the book Moneyball by Michael Lewis, in which Billy Beane (played by Brad Pitt), General Manager of the Oakland Athletics, suffers a heartbreaking series loss to the New York Yankees in the 2001 American League Division Series. After the loss, the Athletics lose their three-star players to free agency. Beane is now faced with the task of fielding a competitive team on a very limited budget. Available player prospects are bleak for the upcoming 2002 season. During a trip to talk trades with the Cleveland Indians, Beane meets Peter Brand, played by Jonah Hill. Brand, fresh out of Harvard, is an analyst for Cleveland. He uses computer algorithms to find talent in players who have been overlooked by other teams. Beane is impressed and hires Brand. The scouting and coaching staff is very contentious about this change and becomes very uncooperative. With the odds against them, Beane and Brand go about rebuilding the Athletics into a record-setting team.

50 Dates at 50 Take:

This is a great story where the underdog finds success. The Athletics only had about $39 million in payroll to work with, compared to teams like the New York Yankees who had $114 million. Beane proved he could field a very competitive team despite not being able to sign quality players in their prime. It all came down to combining technology with old-fashioned scouting and management. This is a first-rate feel-good movie that can easily scoop you up into the plot.

Why You Need to Watch It:

Here are the parallels from this movie to online dating that we can draw lessons from.

  • Online dating is how more and more people are meeting each other. Initially, it was not well received but gained momentum and eventually became the acceptable dating practice that it is today.
  • The computer technology used in dating apps opens up an abundance of good potential dating matches. It truly gives us excellent odds at finding a really great man or woman for a relationship.
  • Being a good dater requires a system that puts you in situations that allow you to be successful. I can tell you firsthand that many of the things one has to learn to be a good dater are counterintuitive, just like the new system for picking team members in Moneyball.
  • Online dating is about learning what does not work and making adjustments. You’re going to be humiliated at times as you learn.
  • Making adjustments requires growth. Things usually don’t go well at first. In most cases, they get worse before they get better, just like they did for the Athletics. The temptation to go back to your old ways of dating will be extremely high. Growth requires patience and discipline. It’s not pretty, either. But you need to make these adjustments and embrace them so you’ll be ready when you meet the right one.
  • Dating is not like trying to win the World Series. The winner does not take it all in the case of dating. A systematic approach to putting yourself out there will get you into the dating playoffs. That’s all you really need. The playoffs are where the really great guys and gals are.
  • You don’t need money to be competitive in dating. There are many who have a money advantage but are terrible daters, and all the money in the world won’t change that.


Year Released:  2011

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