No More Bad Dates | Evan Marc Katz | Ted Talk 2014


I recently discovered the “Love U” Podcast by Evan Marc Katz. I’m about 30 episodes in and I find I’m on the same page with Evan about 90% of the time.  Evan is now close to 50 and is a professional dating coach for women.  After moving to Los Angeles, he dated over 300 women in a 10-year period before meeting his wife.  He figured out what worked and what didn’t when it came to a successful dating experience.  In his Ted Talk going back to 2014, Evan covers the following Items:

  • How today’s “Instant Gratification” society leads to a negative online dating experience
  • Why men are notoriously bad at online dating
  • How his 2/2/2 rule completely changed his online dating experience
    • 2 Message Exchanges on the Dating Website
    • 2 email Exchanges off the Dating Website
    • 2 Phone Calls
    • = First Date

Evan’s Website is:

Evan has some great dating advice. I will be adding his Website and Podcast to the resources listing here at 50 Dates at 50.  His 2/2/2 rule is similar to the 3-1-1 rule here at 50 Dates.  2/2/2 uses email, and that medium is somewhat antiquated in current dating.  Due to the Candy Store Effect, I differ with Evan in that once you establish momentum, you have to move it along at a measured but upward tempo.  If momentum stalls, your chances of getting to a meetup date drop significantly.  3-1-1 is better adapted to working with dating apps on smartphones.  The bottom line is that both 2/2/2 and 3-1-1 both work. It’s all about sticking to a plan that works.


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