This movie is about two seniors in their late seventies who live in an eastern Colorado town just a few blocks apart. Lewis Waters is played by Robert Redford, and Addie Moore is played by Jane Fonda. Addie and Lewis know each other as acquaintances. One evening, Addie stops by Lewis’s house with a proposition. She asks if they could spend nights together as a way to combat the years of loneliness they have experienced. The proposition is strictly non-sexual in nature. Lewis agrees, and he begins stopping by her place in the evenings. As they discuss the mistakes they’ve made in life and lessons learned from them, they grow on each other. The neighbors notice, and word spreads around town. A romance begins to take hold. Then things change when Addie’s grandson comes to stay with them so he can work through a difficult period in his life.


Filmed in Colorado Springs, this is Robert Redford and Jane Fonda’s fourth movie together. Their high-quality acting carries the story. As the couple sort out their newfound situations, a lot of situational humor occurs. The awkward moments truly come off as “real life” awkward. Both characters learn that some things in their past never really go away and come to terms with this. Attention to detail is good, down to the local “King Soopers” grocery bags.

50 Dates at 50 Take:

As we get older, we tend to care less about what other people think about us. This theme comes up throughout the movie and is worth reflecting on in our current lives. Addie takes the lead on this as Lewis comes to terms with the town gossip surrounding them.

Why You Need To Watch It:

Redford’s character is a good example of authenticity. He pushes the envelope by giving up too much information way too early. This is a common problem for both men and women, but mainly men. Guys tend to think that vulnerability means putting it all on the table within first date or two. This is a big mistake. Vulnerability is actually a person’s ability to open themselves up to rejection, accepting any outcome.

This movie is also a romance where a couple grow on each other, versus today’s internet dating experience where you’ve got fifteen minutes to make a good impression with no second chances. Additionally, it touches on the difference between being in love with someone from the past and being in love with a memory.

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Year Released:  2017

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