This is a fictional story inspired by the work of dance instructor Pierre Dulaine. The movie stars Antonio Banderas as Dulaine. Dulaine volunteers to work with troubled high school students in New York City, teaching them ballroom dance. The students initially reject him, but he eventually gains their trust and respect. His persistence and his teaching style keep them interested. Ultimately, the students agree to enter a dance contest under his guidance. Impression: This is your typical feel-good movie. If you’re interested in dance and want a decent demonstration of how persistence pays off, you’ll like it.

50 Dates at 50 Take:

If you’re thinking of taking dance lessons, this is a good starter movie. There is a romance within the story, which is all about sticking with a decision. 50 Daters take dance lessons because it’s an opportunity to step outside their comfort zone and grow. It helps build trust and confidence.

Why You Need to Watch It:

Guys need to watch this and take note of the chivalry demonstrated by Banderas’ character throughout the movie. This is a forgotten art of high value, and it gets noticed by the women in the movie, as it will in real life.

The film also shows the positive aspects of learning to dance—it teaches a man how to act as a lead in a dance situation and how to touch a woman respectfully. I’ve been to many dance classes where the men attending are there specifically to pick up on the women. Guys, hitting on the women as you trade dance partners just drives them away. Once you learn how to dance within your group, there will be opportunities to go to larger social dances. This is where you will can meet people and form relationships that could develop into something deeper.  Dancing is also about building trust between partners.

Additional Notes:

I’ve personally learned the rumba, foxtrot, waltz, and Argentine tango, among other dances. It’s not comfortable doing them at first, but the results in discipline, posture, and physical coordination are well worth it. Furthermore, dancing is outside the comfort zone for most men, so you grow by taking on this challenge. Much of what you learn you can bring into freestyle so you won’t feel silly dancing at a bar, club, or wedding.

Official Movie Trailer

Year Released:  2006

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